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Dawn Hagel Republican for Nassau County TBD 2020!

Dawn Hagel

Dawn Hagel is a fiscally conservative businesswoman who resides in Nassau County. She and her, Navy Veteran, husband Mike established residency here in 1999 from Jacksonville, FL.

Dawn, the daughter of a pastor, knows what being part of a community means. Knowing how people feel and what challenges they face is the key to helping those who need it most. 

Since the age of 30, Dawn has run 34 marathons.  So she is no stranger to hard work, dedication and having the belief that you have to put your heart into everything to get results.

Due to her love of running, Dawn served on the 26.2 with Donna board. She did not get the chance to know her grandma due to her early death due to breast cancer. Dawn wanted to give back to honor her grandma and did so for 7 years. 

Why I Am Running


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It’s time to ENTER A NEW DAWN in Nassau County

Having lived in Nassau County since 1999, I have seen the many changes in both our landscape and the political minefield. I have seen the impact of those changes and felt them along with you. In looking around I feel that it’s time for a different point of view on our County Commission, one that is strong but yet see’s the whole picture rather than with tunnel vision. Women look at things with a different perspective, beauty and how things stand the test of time.

I want Nassau County to remain beautiful, where our visitors and residents can roam the beaches and play in the sand. I want us to continue to have the beauty of the canopy trees that we enjoy while running, walking or riding our bikes down the Amelia Island Trail and contine the tradition with building more areas in the county to enjoy. I want us to feel safe even when tragedy strikes like it has the last 2 years with Hurricane Matthew and Irma.

I can’t do it alone, I need your help – let’s KEEP NASSAU our town and a place where our visitors want to come again and again.

It’s time to ENTER A NEW DAWN in Nassau County.


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